Here are the four reasons why you should sell your home in 2019:

1. You stand to make a handsome profit. Home prices have been rising steadily—not at a national level, but here in our local market. 

2. There’s high demand for homes under $350,000. In this price range, there’s little inventory for buyers to choose from, which will accelerate the price of your home. 

3. Mortgage rates have hit a new low. If they go up next year, your house won’t be the only one on the block listed for sale. 

4. Millennials are flooding the market. This was previously the slowest generation to embrace homeownership, but they’re doing it now. And they must be pretty smart about it, too, because they waited until they can afford much more at these low interest rates. Welcome to the market, millennials!

If you’re thinking of buying a home or you have any other questions about our Oklahoma City market, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.