When listing your home, it’s very important that you use professional photography.

Listed homes that use professional photography typically attract more attention, sell faster, and sell for a higher price than those that don’t. I have a few studies I want to show you that prove this fact.

The first comes from IMOTO, a company that creates professional real estate photography. IMOTO did a study of 350 homes that used professional photography and 350 homes that didn’t, all 700 of which were located in the same zip code. They found that homes that had professional photography sold 50% faster and 39% closer to their original listing price.

The second comes from Latter & Blum Inc., a New Orleans-based real estate agency. They conducted a study that found that homes that used professional photography attracted 118% more views online than comparable listings that didn’t use professional photography.

The last one is an in-house study we conducted right here in our office. I studied the back end of different websites we advertise on because it matters how long someone stays on your listing and reads everything that’s written about it. You can’t sell a home that’s not marketed, and you can’t set an appointment with someone who hasn’t seen your home’s photos. We found that properties on Realtor.com within our zip code that used professional photos were viewed 16x longer than homes that didn’t.

“Photography matters.”

In case you’re wondering, we absolutely use professional photography for our listings.We use three different professional photographers who each specialize in a different style of photography. After all, different-sized properties require different photographs. If you’re listing an acreage with a lake, for example, you need a drone. If you’re listing a smaller property, you’ll need an extremely wide-angle lens to capture its dimensions accurately.

We also use professional photography for a different reason than you might think. We use it to set a showing appointment—not necessarily to sell the house. This is because our goal is to get someone to want to see your house.

Additionally, we recently added something super cool to our arsenal of marketing tools: 3-D imaging. We have a 3-D photographer who creates a virtual floor plan of houses which you can then view them through the same way you’d use Google Maps. This allows you to get an in-depth look at how the property is arranged, and it’s helped us sell a lot of homes.

Lastly, outside photography is also extremely important. You don’t want to set a showing appointment for a property you think is a nice, big brick home only to find out that the front is a facade and the back is made up of rotting wood.

If you have any questions as to how we can show your house in its best light or you have another real estate topic in mind you’d like to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’d be happy to speak with you.